Get the Most Out of Your Patio or Balcony With These Decorating Tips

Here are some great decorating tips to help you spruce up the balcony or patio at your Edgewood luxury apartments.  Source: Houzz

To your neighbors and first-time visitors, your patio or balcony is the first impression others will have of your home. With that said, whether large or small, a beautifully decorated patio or balcony suggests a welcoming environment while providing you with your outdoor space to enjoy. If you're not sure how to start your own outdoor project, here's some … [Read more...]

Keep Your Pup Busy with a Doggy Ice Lick

Here are some instructions for a DIY dog toy that your pooch is sure to love! Source:

As the warm weather makes its way to our community, we're sure to see our residents outside enjoying the sun with their favorite furry friends. Many of our residents have pet toys outside on their patios that provide their pets with hours of playful fun. There are also many DIY dog toys you can give your pet, like this fabulous Doggy Ice Lick, for example, … [Read more...]

Beat the Heat By the Pool with an Iced Tea Cocktail.

Enjoy this recipe for Black Porch Tea on a hot summer day by the pool here at your North Reading luxury apartments.   Source:

It's almost that time of year again. The parks will be filled with excited children, neighborhood streets will be filled with people enjoying a nice jog or a bicycle ride, and the outdoor heat will be turned up to 70 degrees and/or higher. If you live in an apartment with a pool near Boston, such as Edgewood Luxury Apartments, then you might be enjoying an … [Read more...]

Strengthen Your Body and Relax Your Mind at The Yoga Loft

The Yoga Loft is a terrific yoga studio found near your North Reading luxury apartments.  Source: Facebook

In today's fast-paced world, it's not unusual to hear people complain about feeling tired, out-of-shape, and stressed.  There's many ways to address these feelings, but dealing with multiple issues can be time-consuming.  However, a visit to a yoga studio near Boston may help strengthen your body while reducing stress, and more. The multiple benefits of … [Read more...]

Find Fun and Fitness at One Powered Yoga

One Powered Yoga is a terrific yoga studio located near your North Reading luxury apartments.  Source: Facebook

Who doesn’t like to relax in a nice warm bath or bed? Pretty much everyone that’s who! Well there is another way in which warmth can help you relax and stay in shape both physically and mentally at the same time. It’s all can be found via heated vinyasa yoga at One Powered Yoga! Located at 274 Main Street, Ste 104 in Reading, One Powered Yoga is … [Read more...]

Paint Pottery to Your Heart’s Content at Plaster Fun Time

Plaster Fun Time is the quintessential pick and paint your pottery place found near your North Reading luxury apartments. Source: Yelp

One of the sad things in life is there are so many things we do as kids (especially in school) which we let slip away from us as we get older. While the business may be geared more for children, the staff at Plaster Fun Time know that many adults just love to jump back into play time! Located at 347 Main Street in Reading, Plaster Fun Time knows that … [Read more...]

Taste Something Terrific from the Flatbread Company

The Flatbread Company is an incredible pizzeria and bar found near your North Reading luxury apartments.  Source: Facebook

Too often bread is relegated to a support role. It’s just what you put on either side of a PB&J sandwich or just the rolls you nosh on prior to the “real” meal showing up. But at the Flatbread Company in Bedford, they believe that bread should be one of the main centerpieces of a great meal! Located at 213 Burlington Road in Bedford, The … [Read more...]

Discover Your Next Favorite Book at the Andover Bookstore

The Andover Bookstore is one of the best indie bookstores found near your North Reading luxury apartments.  Source: Yelp

A lot of people have predicted the death of bookstores because of the rise of internet giants such as Amazon. Yet what all these doomsayers forget is that bibliophiles love bookstores! They love to walk the shelves and touch and flip through the books. If that description fits you, head out to the Andover Bookstore for some quality book time! Located at … [Read more...]

Donate Blood or Platelets at the North Shore Red Cross

April is National Volunteer Month! Consider donating blood or platelets at the Red Cross's North Shore Donation Center.  Source: Facebook

National Volunteer Month takes place during the month of April and there are many different ways you can help. Most people think of only volunteering their time when there’s another way to help out which requires little more than an hour. Yet this time could mean the difference between life and death. Because when things go wrong, one thing which is … [Read more...]

Treat Your Mom Like a Queen This Mother’s Day

Here are some tips for anyone looking to show mom that your love her this Mother's Day.  Source: morgueFile

May 11th is coming so now’s the time to be thinking about how to make Mother's Day in North Reading a memorable one. However you’re not a kid anymore so a card or a “chore coupon book” isn’t going to cut it. How can you treat your mom like a queen this year? Here are some ideas on how. Say it with Flowers: The Victorian concept of floriography … [Read more...]