Simple Summer Recipes to Supplement Your Healthy Lifestyle

Here are some tasty and healthy recipes that you'll want to cook up here at your North Reading luxury apartment.  Source: Pixabay

While your kids might have more time off during summer, you generally don’t. Add in the heat and humidity and it’s tempting to stick with processed, pre-made food. However, there are plenty of healthy summer recipes you can make. Taking it outside to the grill will keep your apartment cooler! Grilled Shrimp Souvlaki: Recipes from the Mediterranean … [Read more...]

Great Toys to Keep Your Pet Occupied for Hours

There are plenty of terrific toys that your dog is sure to love!  Source: morgueFile

Dogs are social animals, and so they don’t do as well at home alone while you’re at work. Yet, there are ways to keep your dog(s) engaged for hours even when you’re gone. All it takes is a little research about your dog to match them to their toys. Know Your Breed Dogs have been bred to do certain tasks and so a herding dog toy might not be as fun … [Read more...]

Climb to Your Fitness Goals at Boston Rock Gym

The Boston Rock Gym is a fantastic resource for both fitness and fun.  Source: Facebook

Health experts stress how important it is to mix up your exercise routine for many reasons. Whether to keep from boredom setting in or to ensure you’re working different muscle groups, something different is the key, and different fitness activities is what you’ll find at Boston Rock Gym! Located not 10 minutes away at 78 Olympia Avenue in Woburn, … [Read more...]

A Scenic Day Trip is Just a Short Jaunt Away

Lake Quannapowitt is a scenic, pet-friendly park where you can "stretch your legs" and get some exercise while taking in some splendid scenery.  Source: Yelp

Whether it’s walking your dog or jogging, routine can quickly become "routine." This, of course, is just a polite way of saying boring. Yet, there are many scenic parks in Reading which are close by and convenient to your Edgewood apartment. One such park is Lake Quannapowitt. At only a little over 5 miles away, Lake Quannapowitt is a great scenic area in … [Read more...]

Taste Great Breakfast, Brunch, and Lunch at Nan’s Cafe

Nan's Cafe boasts some of the tastiest breakfast and lunch options found around your North Reading apartments.  Source: Nan's Cafe via Facebook

Most people use the weekends to run errands, clean their apartments in our apartment community or find fun things to do. You can spend your weekend at brunch spots in North Reading. One of the best places to go for an extraordinary brunch experience is Nan's Cafe. As soon as you walk through the doors of this establishment the aroma of delicious delights … [Read more...]

Don’t Wait Any Longer To Start Working Towards Your Fitness Goals

Here are some outstanding cardio and strength training tips for everyone here at your North Reading luxury apartments.

Participating in a regular exercise routine can help you maintain a healthy body and mind. Your exercise routine should include a variety of conditioning and strengthening activities, as each form of exercise has its benefits. The following fitness tips will give you ideas of how and why you should have a balanced workout plan. Cardio Helps to keep … [Read more...]

Go Green with These Easy Tips and Tricks

Here are some great green living tips for anyone looking to go green here at your North Reading luxury apartments.  Source: Pixabay

The best way to go green is to look at the routine things which are easy to miss but are easy to fix. Here are some easy green living tips for your apartment. Refrigerator: It uses more energy than any other appliance so be sure it’s kept at 38-42°F and the freezer at 0-5°F. Also be sure the seal is free of food debris. Cleaners: A mixture of … [Read more...]

Get Fresh This Summer with Sakura Organic Sushi Bar

Sakura Organic boasts some of the tastiest sushi and like Japanese cuisine found near your North Reading apartments.  Source: Facebook

Living at the Edgewood has plenty of perks, and one perk is its proximity to great entertainment and restaurants. Among the best sushi in Reading is Sakura Organic. If you are looking for Asian-fusion or sushi close to home, than this is your spot. Sakura Organic is not only the best sushi in reading, but it's just a hop, skip and a jump away from … [Read more...]

Get the Most Out of Your Patio or Balcony With These Decorating Tips

Here are some great decorating tips to help you spruce up the balcony or patio at your Edgewood luxury apartments.  Source: Houzz

To your neighbors and first-time visitors, your patio or balcony is the first impression others will have of your home. With that said, whether large or small, a beautifully decorated patio or balcony suggests a welcoming environment while providing you with your outdoor space to enjoy. If you're not sure how to start your own outdoor project, here's some … [Read more...]

Keep Your Pup Busy with a Doggy Ice Lick

Here are some instructions for a DIY dog toy that your pooch is sure to love! Source:

As the warm weather makes its way to our community, we're sure to see our residents outside enjoying the sun with their favorite furry friends. Many of our residents have pet toys outside on their patios that provide their pets with hours of playful fun. There are also many DIY dog toys you can give your pet, like this fabulous Doggy Ice Lick, for example, … [Read more...]